Share the Love of Reading!


The education system within the State of Georgia in general, and the City of Atlanta specifically, is going through a paradigm shift, and the Kindezi Schools are leading the way.


The Kindezi Schools are starting a literacy initiative called "Share the Love of Reading." This initiative is focusing on instilling a love of reading among all of their students through a daily focus on independent reading. Their goal is to increase literacy among their students in support of their mission to provide a life-changing education, filled with love and rigor, that enables all children to thrive.

The Kindezi Schools are seeking to raise funds to provide each Kindezi student with a new book from their school's book fair and to also collect book donations to build out classroom libraries at each Kindezi school.

Make a pledge of 10¢ a day to help fund the Kindezi School's "Share the Love of Reading" literacy initiative today.